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10 of the best: autumn makeup must-haves - page 8

by Martha Adams

A woman has a right to three things when it comes to her make-up. A fresh looking face, long-lasting radiance and a dewy glow. With the summer oil slick long gone, autumn is the perfect time to make a smooth transition into dewy foundations and deliciously creamy colours.

So say goodbye to your matte mug and welcome a season of fresh shades, radiant looking skin and an overall dewy finish that tops off everything to a tee.

Physician’s Formula Powder Palette® Multi-Coloured Face Powder

“I have this in the multi-coloured 'highlighter' shade, and this is a really nifty, fun little product. It doesn't function as a traditional highlighter; more of a slightly brightening finishing powder, but what I really love about it is that you can play with all the little sections of colour! I take an eyeshadow brush and use the green bits to cover any redness from spots or around my nose, the yellow to set my concealer under my eyes and help with the blue-is tinge there, and swirl my brush through all the colours to use it as a finishing powder to set my makeup. I agree the included brush is a little flimsy, but the compartment it lives in can be a handbag lifesaver to stash tiny items like jewellery and stuff in. It is a little expensive for 'just' a powder but it's so useful, I’m sure I’ll repurchase because it's just such a handy little product.” Rating: 5/5 – Prettykitty1

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