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10 of the best: autumn makeup must-haves - page 10

by Martha Adams

A woman has a right to three things when it comes to her make-up. A fresh looking face, long-lasting radiance and a dewy glow. With the summer oil slick long gone, autumn is the perfect time to make a smooth transition into dewy foundations and deliciously creamy colours.

So say goodbye to your matte mug and welcome a season of fresh shades, radiant looking skin and an overall dewy finish that tops off everything to a tee.

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Radiance

“My verdict is that this would be the perfect dusting of colour for somebody who was already—at least slightly—tan. But I am pretty much glow-in-the-dark. As a rule, fake tans and bronzers are somewhat lost on us ghost girls. Nevertheless — what a neat product! It's about a million different products in one. It would be well worth the price if I had a darker complexion. It has made me curious about i.d. bareMinerals Clear Radiance, which "gives the dewiness of a toddler's skin". I admit I am now sold on ID Bare Escentuals in general. I would definitely recommend it to my friends. It's a fascinating range of cosmetics, with a different spin on foundations and bases. It promises to be "so pure you can sleep in it", a claim which I put to the test! The next morning I had no breakouts! Buy this if you're not of a fair complexion and if you want makeup, which looks more natural than foundation. It's a gorgeous colour, just not for me! I'm jealous I can't use it.” Rating: 4/5 – klfeilds

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