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10 of the best: autumn makeup must-haves - page 6

by Martha Adams

A woman has a right to three things when it comes to her make-up. A fresh looking face, long-lasting radiance and a dewy glow. With the summer oil slick long gone, autumn is the perfect time to make a smooth transition into dewy foundations and deliciously creamy colours.

So say goodbye to your matte mug and welcome a season of fresh shades, radiant looking skin and an overall dewy finish that tops off everything to a tee.

Benefit BADgal Plum Mascara

"This product creates really thick, full lashes, with a hint of 'plum' that highlighted my green eyes quite well. It worked especially well as a second coat over my usual mascara, but it does flake a little. Also, it washes off really easily, but unfortunately makes strange reddish smudges under the eyes if it is used on the bottom lashes or if it gets wet (i.e. tears)” Rating: 3/5 – prittykitty

Tip: Regular mascara can also cause telltale black smudges when wet – just ensure you use a good eye make-up remover at the end of the day to enjoy gorgeously plum-lit eyes!

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