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The Platform Shoe is Re-Emerging This Fall – CR Fashion Book

by Martha Adams

  2021 has definitely been the year of old fashion trends resurfacing and becoming popular again. From Y2K fashion to the chunky colorful jewelry trend to the '90s baggy clothes trend, we've seen our fair share of fashion trends recycling again this year.

  Along with clothing trends, we've also seen a ton of shoe trends this year as well. Crocs have been a super trendy shoe all summer long, with people wearing mainly tie-dye crocs for a cute a comfy look. Earlier this year, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj practically started the trend of wearing mesh heels after both celebrities were seen wearing the Bottega Veneta mesh heels on their Instagrams. As for summer shoe trends, a good sandal and tennis shoes are always in style, but one of the most stylish and popular shoe trends we've been seeing resurface lately are platform shoes.



  Recently, '70s fashions have been on the uptick when it comes to nostalgic fashion trends. We've seen the 90s and 2000s-era styles become popular over the last few years, and now, fashion is looking to the swinging 70s for some inspiration – including sky high shoes. Platform shoes were the biggest shoes of '70s with the advent of the disco era, higher-than-high shoes made a spectacular presence when entering the dance floor. Rockstars like Elton John and Mick Jagger began adopting the style for their on-stage looks giving a new height to stage presence.

  While the platform shoes trend started in the '70s, they've actually been around for quite some time. The origin of platform shoes actually started around 600 BCE with the Greeks being one of the first to wear them. At this time, platforms were used as a form of social standing, to make people look taller and seem like they had a higher social standing. Venetian women often wore platform shoes in the 16th century to prevent their dresses from touching the ground. Platforms eventually evolved, becoming more popular in the 1930s thanks to designer, Salvatore Ferragamo, who created rainbow platform shoes for Judy Garland.

  Vivienne Westwood Fall/Winter 1993


  After the 1970s, the trend re-emerged in the '90s with the arrival of punk-inspired trends. Naomi Campbell gave a new name to the Fall/Winter season after famously falling on the runway in Vivienne Westwood's snakeskin platform boots during the house's Fall/Winter 1993 show. Elsewhere in music, The Spice Girls began rocking platform heels and boots on the runway and at red carpet events. by the mid-2000s, the trend circled back around after runway designers like Alexander McQueen featured platform shoes in his collections and more celebrities started wearing them again for street style.

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  Designers like Gucci, Versace, Marc Jacobs, and Simone Rocha have jumped on the platform shoes trend, creating platform shoes for the season and showcasing them on the runway. The platform shape has also been applied to the loafer and tennis shoe shapes as of late with preppy styles getting a modern twist in today's trending fashions.

  Social media apps like TikTok and Instagram have also popularized the shoe trend. TikTok users post hauls and platform shoe collection videos on their accounts to showcase how to style the shoes and where you can buy some of the best platform shoes.

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  We're not only seeing this trend on social media and in fashion publications. Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Olivia Rodrigo, and Bella Hadid have also been seen out rocking platform shoes and heels. This past summer, Lady Gaga was seen leaving the gym wearing long platform boots from Pleaser Boots, and paring them with an athletic ensemble from Marc Jacobs, sunglasses, and gold hoops, with a white Mark Cross bag to match the white boots.

  Lady Gaga, 2021

  GothamGetty Images

  Whether calling back to the 70s-era or modernizing the style in a whole new way, the platform shoe is back and ready to elevate us to new heights coming out of quarantine fashion.

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