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10 of the best: autumn makeup must-haves - page 5

by Martha Adams

A woman has a right to three things when it comes to her make-up. A fresh looking face, long-lasting radiance and a dewy glow. With the summer oil slick long gone, autumn is the perfect time to make a smooth transition into dewy foundations and deliciously creamy colours.

So say goodbye to your matte mug and welcome a season of fresh shades, radiant looking skin and an overall dewy finish that tops off everything to a tee.

Chic Australia Baked Contour Powder in Grevilleagrace

“I have been using this powder for ages now and it still looks like it's brand new! The baked powder is extremely lightweight, but the pigments add a beautiful all over glow to my cheeks. It brings a lovely colour combined with a nice shimmer and super quick to apply! This particular shade is great for when it gets a bit colder and you’re after a pop of colour on your face. Great new brand - I recommend giving it a try!” Rating: 5/5 – bh’sKym

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