The Correct Use of Sunscreen

by Martha Adams

  Now people's awareness of sun protection is getting stronger and stronger. In addition to hard sunscreen, sunscreen is also a must. Because sunscreen can not only prevent sunburn, but also whiten people. More importantly, 80% of human aging comes from light aging. So sunscreen can also play a very good anti-aging effect. Although more and more people will start to use sunscreen. But many people use it wrong, or don’t know how to use sunscreen at all! Let’s talk to you about the correct use of sunscreen today!

  1. Sunscreen should be applied whether it is sunny or cloudy. Because even if there is no sun on a rainy day, ultraviolet rays still exist. It must be applied every day to get the effect.

  2. Many people think that everything will be fine with sunscreen. They can go out. This is also wrong. Because sun protection also requires an absorption process. This will be effective. Usually this process takes 15-30 minutes. If you are in a hurry to go out, the sun protection will be white.

  3. Sunscreens are usually divided into purple sunscreen and green sunscreen. Generally, people with thin skin or red blood skin should choose green sunscreen. If it is darker and yellowish skin, purple sunscreen is more suitable.

  4. Generally, a barrier cream should be used after facial cleansing and daily skin care steps. After that, you can use sunscreen. Follow up with foundation makeup and so on. But there is a misunderstanding here. Many people like to use barrier cream instead of sunscreen. They think that the barrier cream also has a certain SPF. In fact, this is wrong. Isolation cream can only insulate some low-radiation things. It cannot withstand ultraviolet rays.


  5. The amount of sunscreen must be sufficient. Otherwise, the sun protection will not be enough. It is recommended to use sunscreen the size of a dollar coin for the entire face. Do not apply too much force during application. Because people's skin surface will have a lot of small concave and convex parts. Once you apply too much force, the sunscreen will fall into the depression. The coverage of the protruding part is less. That way, the effect of sunscreen will not be fully revealed. In addition, you also need to wait for 5 minutes after application. Until the sunscreen dries. This period should avoid wiping, otherwise it will also affect the effect of sunscreen. And when you follow-up on BB, air cushion, you have to do it lightly. Don't break the previous sunscreen.

  6. It is important to reapply regularly if you want good sun protection. Especially in the case of outdoor activities for a long time, it must be repainted. Usually sunscreen with a low SPF is reapplied every 2-3 hours. The sunscreen with high SPF can be reapplied every 4-5 hours. But if there is sweating, washed by clean water and wiped by clothes, etc. It is still recommended to apply it every 2-3 hours.

  Have you learned the correct way to use sunscreen?

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