Introduction of Several Hydrating Masks

by Martha Adams

For girls who love their skin, replenishing water is definitely a very necessary and important part in skin care. However, it is very important for a healthy skin to choose a suitable and easy-to-use hydrating mask. Here are some easy-to-use hydrating sleep masks to give a reference to girls who like skin care.

Chanel Camellia Moisturizing Mask. Moisture supply and in-depth care enable skin to obtain pure relaxation and wonderful enjoyment. Camellia Moisturizing Mask combines the moisturizing energy of Camellia Essence PFA* and the repairing effect of Blue Ginger Essence PFA*. In addition, shea butter and cocoa butter are added to the formula to give skin dense moisture. The attractive cream texture gently covers the face, bringing fresh and soothing pleasure.

WUN Sleep Mask. This year's most recommended facial mask, people who often stay up late must buy this sleep mask! It has a wonderful effect on dark skin, water shortage and large pores. It uses the same suppliers with big international names, but the price is especially cost-effective. Therefore, it is recommended by many skin care magazines as a good thing of conscience! It can be used every night. Night is the best time for skin care. Skin repair speed is twice as fast as daytime. After using it for one month, you will find your skin delicate and bright, which is worthy of its reputation.

Mamonde congeal, intensive repair sleep mask. The smell is light, its taste is simple flower fragrance, it smells very steadfast and comfortable. It can make people fall asleep easily.

WASO Carrot Mask. This is actually a cream, but it can also be used as a sleep mask. It is very suitable for young girls to use. When opened, it is a slightly thicker gel texture. It is frozen and has the touch of thickened water. Translucent, just on the face is still a little sticky. After absorption, it is light and moist.

Clinie Donkey Milk Sleep Hydrating Mask. The components of donkey milk contain taro alkali acid, EGF factor and other components. It can make skin tender and shiny. Moreover, donkey milk contains amino acids, so it can also shrink pores and whiten skin.

Biotherm Living Spring SPA Sleep Mask. This facial mask is more like cream in texture and thick. However, it is still very easy to wipe away, with good extensibility, and will not be sticky after absorption. It belongs to a wash-free facial mask. You can fall asleep after using it. It also contains rich collagen. It can effectively improve the darkness and dryness of skin and keep the skin in a stable state. The addition of amino acids can repair the skin well. It can promote skin metabolism and make skin more and more delicate and moist.

These are some facial masks worth trying this year. I hope all girls and boys can improve their skin quality after trying.

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