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What Is the Difference between Makeup and Cosmetics?

by Martha Adams

How To Mix n’ Match Accessories With Outfits?

Looking fashionable and trendy isn’t always about your clothes, it’s about the entire ensemble. This includes the accessories like bags, jewelry, belt, shoes, head accessories, the list goes on and on. And what’s more daunting is that there are different accessories for different body parts and every possible color and material. This is why it could be very tricky to master the art of mixing and matching them with your getup. So, to help make the process less tasking for you, here are some helpful tips to match your accessories to outfits.

Color Coordination Is The Key: Matching your accessories to the color of your outfit is crucial. You want it to compliment the whole look instead of overpowering it.

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You can choose your accessories in the same color as the primary color of your outfit. It doesn’t have the be the same exact shade though. It can be lighter or deeper.

Match them with the secondary color. If your dress is deep blue but has yellow details then you can carry purses and shoes in different shades of yellow.

Pair them as complementary colors according to the image above.

Pair solid colors with patterns. If you wear a blue dress then add accessories with a colorful pattern with blue in the mix. Or vice-versa.

2. Something About Jewelry: Can make or break any look.

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Match jewelry with the tone of your dress. Red, orange, and yellow all have a warm tone so pair gold jewelry with them. And Green, blue and purple are all cool-toned so you can pair silver with them.

Do not pair silver and gold together. that borders on cliche.

Wear only one statement piece. too many can be overwhelming.

If You are wearing colorful accessories then make sure they match each other.

3. The Neckline Matters: The cut of the neckline can be highlighted and accentuated by the accessories you choose to go with.

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Wear a small pendant or necklace with a V or U-shaped neckline.

No Necklace is needed with halter necks. Just medium-length danglers will do.

Wear long necklaces with a crew neckline.

With Strapless dresses, no necklace only danglers.

With one shoulder dress, go heavy with the bangles on the wrist with no shoulder.

4. Accessorize For The Occasion: Your accessories must go along with the atmosphere.

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Don’t wear stilettos on a casual night out or sneakers on a black-tie event.

Don’t wear imitation or wooden jewelry to a formal event or a diamond necklace to the bar.

At formal events opt for small purses or clutches instead of a bulky handbag.

Accessorize with fewer items to highlight subtle elegance rather than overpowering pretension.

These were just some of the tips that can help you with the dilemma of what and how to match your accessories to your outfits. If you want to check out more ways to amp up your looks. then follow the link.


Matching Accessories to Your Outfit For Fashion Forward Planning

An outfit is only as good as the accessories you add to complete the ensemble. You could say that an outfit is a blank canvas, and as you add accessories, the whole picture comes to life. But be careful because just like accessories can brighten up your outfit, they can also have the opposite effect when they are paired with the wrong clothing.

When to Go Bold

The purpose of accessories is to give what you are wearing a finishing touch—it’s a way to bring the various pieces together.

Wearing Solid Colors

If you’re wearing one solid color, then this is the perfect time to go bold and add some colors that contrast with those of your outfit or complement it with eye-catching patterns.

While many believe that matching colors is the right way to accessorize, contrasting colors can have a more interesting visual effect and make your whole outfit stand out.

Size Does Matter

When choosing jewelry, the style and even the size can detract from what you are wearing. A big, bold piece may work best with solid colors. A large necklace or bracelet will complement any solid-color top or dress you are wearing. Remember that design, color, and size are very important factors to take into consideration.

Wearing Prints

If you are wearing a print or color-blocked outfit, consider one of the colors in the assemble and work with it. Smaller pieces of jewelry often work best for this kind of clothing.

Some Materials Are Easier to Incorporate

If you are looking for a few staple jewelry pieces to add to your wardrobe, some metals and materials are easier to match with different clothing styles. Silver is one of the top choices because you can easily dress it up or down as needed.

Take this gorgeous ‘Rice Harvest’ minimalist sterling silver choker from Bali by artisan Komang Suastra, for example. You can easily wear it to an evening event or with a simple T-shirt and jeans. Either way, it will look amazing!

Pearls are also a great choice as they spell elegance no matter how they are paired. They can be an accent for a formal occasion or worn during the day for casual style.

Other Accessories to Consider

While jewelry plays a big part when it comes to adding embellishments to your ensemble, it is certainly not the only type of accessory. Some people choose not to wear jewelry at all but they do wear other items such as scarves, shawls, hats, and even gloves. These components are very important, and they have to be carefully picked for the outfit and occasion.

Most women carry handbags. While some like to choose a bag in a basic color that will go with almost anything, others prefer to pick handbags designed to complement specific outfits.

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What Is the Difference between Makeup and Cosmetics?

Cosmetics are used to enhance or alter the appearance of the face or body through the use of makeup, lotions and cleansers, making it a category with many different subcategories. The main difference between makeup and cosmetics is that makeup is a cosmetic but not all cosmetics are makeup. Many different cosmetics like cleansers and moisturizers are used by both genders, but makeup is usually thought of as used by women on their faces. General cosmetics can include a wide variety of items, including synthetic as well as natural body care items.

The terms makeup and cosmetics cannot be used interchangeably because of their different definitions. "Cosmetics" is often used to describe the wide variety of face and body items in the beauty market, from facial cleansers and eye creams to body moisturizer and shampoo. As cosmetics can include shampoo and hair coloring, the term is not necessarily confined to the use of the product on the skin alone. Other examples of cosmetics include facial toners and astringents, as well as nail polish and varnish.

It should be noted that makeup is a cosmetic, yet cosmetics are not defined as makeup due to the many different applications of cosmetics. Even though makeup and cosmetics are usually sold in the same area in certain stores and markets, they have varying features. Makeup is merely a subcategory of cosmetics, as it is a synthetic or natural beauty product used to alter the appearance of the skin on the body or face. This term also includes subcategories of different makeup applications, such as concealer, blush, lipstick and foundation, and is confined to the aspect of the skin.

Natural makeup and cosmetics can include different standards of labeling, due to the fact that makeup requires different ingredients than other forms of cosmetics. Mineral makeups may include minerals from nature to create foundations and concealers, which is not often performed for natural cosmetics such as toner or moisturizer. Makeup and cosmetics are often used at the same time, especially in individuals who wear makeup on a daily basis. The use of cosmetics such as makeup remover and moisturizer are essential for the skin to remain healthy and the pores free of heavy foundations or other makeup products.

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