easyFiT Cardio Gym Resistance Rower Review

by Martha Adams

  Rower Overview:

  The easyfit Cardio Gym Resistance Rower is a unique piece of exercise equipment designed to be more than just a rowing machine. The 2 in 1 design allows you to perform the traditional rowing movements, but this machine also allows you to perform a variety of upper body exercises from a standing or reverse seated position.

  The easyFiT Cardio Gym Resistance Rower has a solid steel frame yet is light enough to be moved around easily. The design allows for it to be folded for and moved for easy storage. This row machine has a comfortable seat and large footplates with straps to secure you in your rowing position. Resistance is provided through three bands. The rowing handle can be attached to one, two or all three rowing bands depending on how much intensity you’re looking for.

  You can also perform a wide range of upper body exercises with the easyFiT Cardio Gym Resistance Rower. Standing at the main frame, you can you the rowing bar or substitute it for the individual isolation handles. With these handles you isolate muscles for added intensity. Again, you can attach one, two or all of the resistance bands to a single handle or use single bands on two handles and work both arms out together. With the easyFiT Cardio Gym Resistance Rower there’s no end to the number of workouts that you can perform.

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  Technical Info:


  Length: 73”

  Width: 17”

  Height: 35”

  Weight: 36 lbs

  Max user weight: 250 lbs


  2 in 1 cardio and strength training system provides a full body workout.

  Lightweight yet sturdy steel frame supports.

  Adjustable tension with 3 resistance tubes.

  One straight workout bar and two individual isolation handles included.

  Oversized, non-slip foot pedals with Velcro strap.

  Compact, foldable design is convenient for storage.

  Workout poster included.

  Computer Features:

  Built-in electronic monitor.

  Workout data includes:


  Stroke Count

  Calories Burned


  30 day limited

  Shipping and Assembly:

  Shipping costs will vary for the easyFiT Cardio Gym Resistance Rower depending on where you purchase from and what type of delivery you prefer. However, some retailers, such as Amazon.com, will provide free shipping.

  For the size of this rowing machine, there are a lot of parts to it. The easyFiT Cardio Gym Resistance Rower is not the easiest piece of equipment to assemble. First, we recommend you use your own tools. Quite a few people stripped screws using the tools included with the packaging. Another common issue is that a lot of the holes are not drilled out properly or not aligned properly. This makes a difficult time for proper assembly. If you can deal with the frustration, assembly should take you around 45-60 minutes to complete.

  What We Love About the easyFiT Cardio Gym Resistance Rower:


  The easyFiT Cardio Gym Resistance Rower is really trying to give you bang for the buck with its design. Not only is this a rowing machine, but it can also provide a full upper body workout. The rowing machine comes with the standard rowing handle that you can use is a seated position. You can also use the handle in a standing position for upper body exercises. The easyFiT Cardio Gym Resistance Rower also allows you to swap out the rowing bar with two isolation handles. You can then perform one-armed exercises to isolate the muscles for more focused movements. There aren’t that many rowing machines on the market that allow you to do more than just row. The easyFiT Cardio Gym Resistance Rower may just be the cheapest available.

  What Isn’t So Great:


  Have you ever heard of easyFiT? We haven’t either. That’s a concern of ours. There are plenty of companies like Stamina and Sunny Health & Fitness that are well known for producing quality, entry-level fitness equipment. There have been issues from many buyers with the Cardio Gym Resistance Rower. Many say the back support has snapped off in less than a month of use. With a limited 30 day warranty, you may be out of luck if this happens to you. Others say it’s very unstable and nearly impossible to rower with any intensity. These are definitely issues you don’t want to hear for any piece of exercise equipment.

  Final Word on the easyFiT Cardio Gym Resistance Rower:

  The design of the easyFiT Cardio Gym Resistance Rower is a good idea. With little competition with similar design, easyFiT was on the right track. That being said, we feel like they fell short. Sadly with such an innovative design, they didn’t do it with quality components. The number of complaints we’ve seen on this machine far outweigh our desire for the design.


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