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8 New Products To Help You Get Your Best Hair Ever

by Martha Adams

Goal: Get Back On Your Blow-Out Schedule

The Fix: Oribe Balm d’Or Heat Styling Shield, $43, oribe.com

Saying good-bye to real life beachy waves and getting back in the blowout groove doesn’t have to mean bedraggled hair. The watermelon, lychee and keratin in Oribe’s new mist form a sturdy thermal layer on the hair shaft, preventing heat-induced breaks, rips, and snags.

The Goal: Reverse All That Summer Fun

The Fix: Bed Head Urban Antidotes Recovery, $27, ulta.com .

Silicones, oils, and hydrating glycerin join forces to draw moisture into the hair shaft, leave it pliant and plumped, not sad and scraggly.

The Goal: Save Your Highlights

The Fix: Redken Blur Brush and Chromatics Remixed, redken.com for salons.

Chlorine, salt water, and sun were great for your spirit—and sad for your hair color. Redken’s new Chromatics Remixed shades are targeted pigments specially formulated to fix messed-up highlights: the violet color tones down yellowy tints, blue neturalizes orange, and a greenish hue gets rid of red. The soft blur brush allows your colorist to paint it just on damaged zones, creating dimensional and shimmery strands.

The Goal: Perfect the Fall Fishtail

The Fix: Oscar Blandi Pronto Braid Paste, $25, oscarblandi.com .

Ever twist in the perfect plait, only to have it slip out seconds later? To keep your buns, braids, and twirls in place, warm a dab of this matte paste between your fingertips before braiding. Your strands will stay put and even better, if you want a redo, it reactivates and resets when you move your hair.

The Goal: Finally (Finally!) Say Good-Bye To Split Ends

The Fix: Sebastian Split End Mend, $15, sebastianprofessional.com for salons.

This handy kit comes fully loaded with a strengthening and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner duo, plus a non-greasy, non-gunky styling cream to help glue down lifted cuticles for shinier, more manageable hair.

The Goal: Master Perfectly Imperfect Waves

The Fix: Remington T-Studio Silk Ceramic Oval Waving Wand, $29.99, available in October at remington.com .

Here’s the thing with curling irons: If you get too skilled with them, you end up creating perfect cylinder spirals, not tumbling #iwokeuplikethis waves. This oval-shaped iron, which is infused with smoothing silk proteins, gives each section a believably uneven crimp—no matter how type A you get with your styling.

The Goal: Look Taylor-Swift-Good Post-Gym

The Fix: Davines More Inside This Is A Texturizing Dust, $28, available in November at davines.com .

If you work out hard—and we know you do—a gentle puff of dry shampoo isn’t going to hold a candle to your soaked strands. The invisible absorbent silica in this powder sops up grease and sweat without leaving strands stiff or limp.

The Goal: Kick the Keratin Habit

The fix: Moroccanoil Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner, $28 each, moroccanoil.com .

If ever you thought all shampoos and conditioners were created equal, it’s time to reconsider. The brand’s proprietary argan oil gets an amino acid blend that leaves the frizziest, wildest, least manageable hair sleek and streamlined for up to 72 hours. Take that, Keratin treatment!

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