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8 habits every makeup addict has

by Martha Adams

If you’re going to be addicted to something, we think make-up is a pretty good choice.

And if you have all or even just one of the following habits, we’d say you’ve definitely progressed from hobby to full on obsession…

#1 Swiftly cleaning your eyeliner brush straight after every use


You’re not going to make that stiff mistake twice.

#2 Knowing all the best make-up dupes


“ NYX Powder Blush in Pinched is basically NARS Orgasm.”

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#3 Owning two pairs of tweezers


One for plucking and one for applying false lashes. Der.

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#4 Talking through your make-up routine in the mirror as though you’re giving a tutorial


“Now I just use my beautyblender to buff in my foundation.”

#5 Creating calendar reminders for when new products are launching


So you can have the shop link open, ready to refresh on the dot.

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#6 Taking a list of beauty products with you when you go overseas



#7 Always researching the hell out of a product before purchasing


You’re not going to waste your time and money on a new highlighter without reading reviews, looking at swatches, watching YouTube videos and asking anyone who already has it what the pros and cons are.

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#8 Knowing the name of a lipstick shade someone is wearing


“I love your lippy! Velvet Teddy yeah?”

Do you relate to these habits? Or know of any other funny mannerisms?

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