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3 beautiful eye looks for girls with oily lids

by Martha Adams

Isn’t it just grand when the eyeshadow you spent carefully applying and blending decides to settle into your eye crease? Or the statement winged liner you crafted completely disappears by lunchtime? There are some steps you can take to prevent these mishaps , but ultimately if you have oily eyelids, it’s no easy feat. So if your lids are about as grippy as a Slip’N Slide, here are some eye make-up looks to try that are 100 per cent oily eyelid-proof:

#1 Coloured mascara

Using a colourful mascara rather than your everyday black is an easy way to create a statement eye that won’t budge. You can find formulas in shades of purple, pink and green, but blue is very in for spring , so it’s our pick for the season. To really dramatise the hue, apply a coat of white mascara or some baby powder to your lashes first and your coloured mascara on top.

bh recommends: NYX Colour Mascara , L'Oréal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara , Benefit They’re Real! Mascara in Full Color

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#2 Under-eye eyeliner

If you love the idea of statement liner, but struggle when it comes to staying power, try playing around with colours and patterns on your lower lid instead. This area tends to produce less oil, so your eye products should last longer. If you’re worried about it creating a drooping effect, avoid black and use warmer colours like bronze and gold or bold shades like purple and green. You can also try a reverse cat eye (by lining along the lower lid and then creating a flick in the inner corner) or a dotted line.

bh recommends: Eye of Horus Liquid Metal Liner in Imperial Bronze, Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Royal Blue, INIKA Cosmetics Organic Eyeliner in Purple Minx

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#3 Sky-high falsies

Applying false lashes can be quite the task , but a skill worth honing if you have oily eyelids. Not only will full, luscious lashes provide enough attention to go sans eyeshadow, but if you use strip lashes, the black strip will give your eyes extra definition. In fact, Ardell also has a dark lash adhesive , which can help to create the illusion of eyeliner. Sylvie Hutchings, Founder & Creative Director of SCOUT Cosmetics recommends pairing a heavy lash look with a red statement lip, for a simple, yet classic look.

bh recommends: MODELROCK Lashes Audrey , SCOUT Cosmetics Lipstick in Destiny ($29.95, www.scoutcosmetics.com)

Top tip: Most false eyelashes are reusable, so make sure to remove them carefully. Use a gentle eye make-up remover like the new Simple Dual Effect Eye Make-Up Remover , with a cotton tip and run it along the lash line to loosen the glue and remove the lashes.

Do you have oily eyelids? What are your tips for creating a statement eye that stays put?

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