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10 of the best mascaras under $20

by Martha Adams

Finding a good mascara is like discovering chocolate at the back of the fridge when you’ve got a sugar craving – AMAZING. Finding a good mascara that’s under $20 is like finding a lifetime supply of chocolate with a signed letter from Michelle Bridges promising you won’t put on any weight if you eat it all –LIFE CHANGING. So in order to help change your life for the better, we’ve tracked down 10 of the best mascaras under $20 (which will hopefully keep you busy until we get this chocolate thing sorted...):

LACURA® Volume Mascara - $4.99

The combination of beeswax and wheat protein will add some serious volume to your lashes. This five-dollar gem is also available in waterproof.

essence Lash Mania Reloaded False Lashes Mascara - $4.95

“At such a ridiculous price you don't expect much, but this mascara is the best I've ever used, and I am ALWAYS buying the latest mascara. Don't be put off by the plastic bristle brush as it is amazing.” – Tracey622

Ulta3 The Big Mascara - $6.95

With a name like The Big Mascara, you can expect nothing less than BIG lashes. If thick, long and black is what you’re after, this one’s a goodie.

Australis Voluptulash Mascara - $10.95

If you’re a little lazy when it comes to taking off your make-up you’ll be pleased to know this mascara has an easy wash-off formula so they’ll be no risk of residue or panda eyes after a shower.

Rimmel 100% Waterproof Mascara - $12.50

“This mascara lasted all day and all night. When the tears came there was no smudges on our eyes! And it was not too hard to get off at the end of the night. Perfect!” – Elissa351

Designer Brands Beyond Amplifying Mascara - $12.99

Worried a budget mascara may ruin the health of your lashes? Designer Brands Beyond Amplifying Mascara contains pro-vitamin V5 and keratin to help condition and keep lashes strong.

Models Prefer Big Lash Mascara - $14.99

“It applies beautifully to amplify your lashes with no clumps and sits nicely on the lashes with such a light feeling. Better still, it comes off really easily with no scrubbing or pulling required. My new fave mascara!” - SusieBee

NYX Cosmetics Provocateur Mascara - $14.95

This mascara has a wand that features two different levels. Level one allows for heavy application, while level two will lighten and separate.

COVERGIRL Volume Exact Mascara - $16.95

“This mascara gives great volume without clumping lashes together and I also find it gives my lashes lift. It’s great to wear everyday and is not strenuous on the lashes.” - VioletRandom

Maybelline New York Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara - $15.95

I will never forget this fluro green and pink mascara as it was a constant in my mother’s make-up draw for years. I’m pretty sure she still uses it every day.

Have you tried any of the above mascaras? Do you prefer to save or splurge on mascara?

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