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10 of the best eyebrow grooming pencils

by Martha Adams

Love the sound of these products but not sure how to use them? Or maybe your brows need some tending because they’re a little, um, ungroomed at this moment in time? If I may, I suggest seeing a professional brow artist. Not only will they be able to show you how to fill in your brows, they’ll also give you the correct brow shape for your face shape, or at least educate you on where you need to grow your brow hairs to best enhance your features.

If you’re a Sydney-sider, I can’t recommend Lien Davies enough. She is the epitome of a brow mastermind. In fact, I suggest you check out her incredible eBook titled Ultimate Brow Shape , as well as follow her on Facebook and Twitter for ingenious, invaluable tips.

If you’re located elsewhere around Oz, the Benebabes at Benefit counters know more than a thing or two about brow shaping, and they’ve also released a brow bible called Raising Eyebrows . Arm yourself with it, and you’ll be all the wiser when it comes owning amazing brows.

Oh, and never underestimate the power of word of mouth. If you spot someone in the street with exceptional brows, ask them who tends to them. Just like Lien, the best brow artists are often found in tucked-away locations, you just need to do a little searching to find them… Have you used any of these brow-grooming goodies? Which eyebrow pencil would you most like to try? Do you know of any amazing brow artists? Share their names if you do…

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