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10 mascara struggles

by Martha Adams

Mascara can completely transform your makeup look in seconds. For many girls, it’s a desert-island staple. Mascara can be so right, but it can also be so very wrong. One false move with that mascara wand and you could completely destroy your entire look. But you’re not alone – even makeup experts have makeup struggles.

If you wear mascara, it’s likely you’ve experienced at least one of these frustrating mascara mishaps...

1. When you apply just one more coat of mascara, and ruin everything

You might love voluminous lashes, but there’s a limit to how many coats you can apply before your eyelashes start to clump together. Try to stick to two or three coats for natural-looking lashes.

2. Throwing away half-used mascara after three months because it has dried out and creates clumps

There are over 1.7M articles on Google on how to “stop mascara drying out”; we get it, the struggle is real! It seems that mascara can go from creamy to dried-up overnight. The clever new Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara never dries out, thanks to a breakthrough shake-it-fresh mechanic that physically refreshes the formula when shaken.This means it lasts twice as long as other mascaras.

3. When you sneeze right after applying your mascara

You’ve perfected your lashes with a fresh coat of mascara, and your makeup is looking #flawless until… ACHOO! Mascara is now everywhere.

4. That moment you look in the mirror and realise that your eyelashes look like spider legs

Spidery lashes might look cute on the runway, but for your everyday makeup look, clumpy lashes are a big no-no. When your mascara is past its prime, the formula bonds together and is difficult to comb through your lashes. Look for a mascara that offers a clump-free, smudge-free formula, like Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara . Say goodbye to those spider legs!

5. When your life is falling apart, but you have to remain calm because you’re wearing mascara

Some days, the struggle is real . Hold back those tears, girl.

6. Trying not to pump the tube

It’s tempting to try to add more product to the brush by pumping your mascara wand, but this is counterintuitive. Pumping your mascara wand actually pushes air into the tube, causing your mascara to dry out quicker – so avoid doing it at all costs!

7. Realising that you look like a completely different person without mascara

The person in your Instagram photos might as well be a total stranger. And you’re jealous of her eyelashes.

8. Getting out of the shower and looking like a panda

No matter how much makeup remover you use before you shower, mascara always ends up under your eyes, making you look permanently tired. #makeupstruggles

9. Ruining all of your white sheets and towels

After using makeup remover, double cleansing and having a shower, you still wake up to find your white pillowcases marked with black mascara smudges. Ugh.

10. When you poke yourself in the eye trying to separate your lashes

Let’s be real – we’ve all poked ourselves in the eye one too many times while attempting to separate lash clumps. Avoid clumps all together by choosing a mascara with a wand that defines and separates lashes from corner to corner. The Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara features a volume-defining brush for a mess-free, flawless result.

What’s your biggest mascara struggle? Have you tried the Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara ?

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