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10 Drugstore Beauty Hacks That Will Only Cost You $5

by Martha Adams

When it comes to applying makeup, actress and singer Zendaya is a natural. And recently the Covergirl model shared some of her beauty hacks on her new app and website . It turns out, her secret weapon to maintaining a long-lasting glow is a drugstore classic that costs less than $5: Aquaphor .

"Before I go to bed, I rub some of the magic on my heels to keep them soft," Zendaya explains. It also keeps her cuticles, eyelashes, and eyebrows conditioned. And don't underestimate it's makeup-enhancing powers. Zendaya says, "I dab Aquaphor where I want my highlight to be. Then, I put my highlighter on top and boom!" It works like a primer, locking all of the sparkly particles in place.

Thank you, Zendaya for reminding us how magical drugstore products can be. Don't you love it when you buy an item for one purpose, and find out that it can be used for so much more? So, we’ve gathered a few more drugstore items that you can use in unexpected ways in your beauty routine.

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Use bar soap to get brows to stay in place.

Who needs brow gel when you can use a bar of soap? Simply wet a spoolie and rub it over the bar's surface. Then, brush eyebrows upward to get the most stubborn hairs to stay in place.

Dove White Beauty Bar, $2; cvs.com

Get perfect polka-dot nail art with a Band-Aid.

Don't have the patience (or the skills) to create a perfect polka-dot manicure. Try this Band-Aid hack. First, paint all nails one color. Cut one of the perforated sides off of a Band-Aid and stick it over a dry nail. Then, paint the entire surface with an accent color. Once it is completely dry, peel carefully to reveal a flawless spotted design.

Band-Aid, $2; target.com

Use cotton balls to maximize your lash volume.

Apply one coat of mascara as usual. Then, get a faux-eyelash effect by wrapping a few fibers from a cotton ball around the bristles of a spoolie. Brush the cotton on to eyelashes and add another layer of mascara for longer results.

Swisspers Organic Cotton Balls, $2; walgreens.com

Remove waterproof mascara with Vaseline.

Don’t risk irritating your eyes trying to remove stubborn mascara. A few swipes of Vaseline's petroleum jelly will loosen up eye makeup.

Vaseline, $4; target.com

Get every hair straight with the help of a teasing brush.

Want the secret to minimizing flyaways? Hold a bristle brush below a flatiron as you straighten sections of your hair. The bristles will pull strands, revealing straighter frizz-free results.

Wigo Color Teasing 100% Boar Bristle Brush, $4; ulta.com

Use baby powder as dry shampoo in a pinch.

In-between wash days, revive greasy hair with a few dashes of baby powder sprinkled throughout roots.

Johnson's Baby Powder, $5; walmart.com

Spritz nails with hairspray to shorten drying time.

Hairspray can do so much more than hold your ponytails in place. Lightly mist this product all over wet nails to help polish dry faster.

TRESemmé Tres Two Extra-Firm Control Hairspray, $5; target.com

Swipe on mascara as eyeliner using the tip of the wand.

Can't find your eyeliner? No problem. Use the tip of a mascara wand to create a gel-like stripe on your upper lash line.

E.L.F. Volumizing Mascara, $2; cvs.com

Eliminate stains on your suede shoes using a nail file.

If you're constantly getting stains on your favorite suede boots, then you need to keep a nail file on hand. A few strokes can easily buff out spots.

Mix & Match Runway Chevron Filemate, $5; tweezerman.com

Revive clumpy mascara with a few drops of Visine.

And add a few drops of Visine to dried-up mascara to resurrect clumpy formulas.

Visine Original Redness Relief Eyedrops, $3; target.com

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