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10 Awesome Beat-the-Heat Hairstyles

by Martha Adams

Blowouts are great and all, but when the summer sun is beating down on you and the humidity is through the roof, you need your hair to stay out of your way. These sleek, pulled-back hairstyles are saviors for a hot day. Some can be done in minutes, while others are slightly more ambitious, but they're all more interesting than your average ponytail—and they all make grease and sweat a non-issue. Basically, you're going to want to try these out ASAP.

Hairstylist Odile Gilbert, who created this style for Suno's spring show, calls this a "herringbone braid." To achieve it, slick back hair and then part into three sections, crossing the lengths both over each other and underneath.

Greasy hair? No problem. At Calvin Klein, hairstylist Guido Palau pulled hair back and curled it into a chignon, letting pieces fall out and adding in hair pins to manipulate the shape. Clearly, sometimes imperfection can be chic.

To add complexity to a simple ponytail for Cushnie et Ochs' spring collection, hairstylist Antonio Corral Calero tied an elastic an inch from the base of the ponytail and puffed up the top.

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