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The Secret to Perfectly Air-Dried Hair

by Martha Adams

Now that the weather is (almost) balmy, the idea of letting your hair air-dry in the sun sounds more appealing than it did back in winter. Not only is skipping the blowdryer a major time-saver but your hair will thank you for not subjecting it to blazing hot temperatures that can lead to breakage.

And what might seem like pure laziness is actually an easy, effortless-looking hair trend that's been all over the runways recently: at the Michael Kors fall 2015 show, for example, backstage hairstylist Orlando Pita instructed models to sleep on clean, wet hair the night before—no blowdrying, please.

Still, leaving your styling to the elements doesn't always end in success. In my case, if there's even the slightest touch of humidity in the air, I develop frizz and flyaways. Not pretty. Luckily, a wave of new styling products is designed to create perfectly air-dried hair. Here are my favorite no-heat-required picks:

Most styling creams need to be activated by heat or they just weigh down locks. Not this light cream ($30), which is infused with hydrating prickly pear extract, and dries without that product-y feeling in your hair. Apply a dime-sized amount on damp strands, and scrunch to add body and texture.

There's little this magic spray ($39) can't do. It detangles, conditions (thanks to moringa extract), tames frizz, increases shine...Spray it on wet hair directly or spritz a little on your hands and run through dry strands for extra smoothing. Sometimes I find myself applying it throughout the day for the fragrance alone: it's got a subtle, addictive green scent.

Think of these gym bag-friendly packets ($18 for 12 sheets) as anti-static laundry sheets for your hair. Just grab one and sweep it wherever you have frizz—the towelettes are infused with polymers and coconut oil to leave hair ultra soft and shiny.

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