Rise and shine

by Martha Adams

How to look brighter than you feel come the morning after the night before…

How to hide a hangover

1. Clean&Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub , $10 Kickstart your circulation as you effervesce away dull skin cells and a citrus scent blasts your senses back to life.

2. Rimmel London Recover Illuminating Anti-Fatigue Foundation , $18.95 Coverage laced with pearlised pigments, vitamins and minerals to give tired skin renewed energy and radiance. If it works for Kate Moss…

3. Revlon Absolute C Radiance Moisture Cream , $30 Features a hydra-complex to replenish and comfort dehydrated skin plus vitamin C to boost brightness.

4. Arkopharma Migrastick , $11.95 This lipstick-sized stick rolls on a herbal infusion of peppermint and lavender to help tone down that thump in your head.

5. Elizabeth Arden Good Morning Skin Serum , $58 An invigorating, naturally-charged serum to rouse sleepy skin and get it ready for make-up.

6. Max Factor Mastertouch Concealer , $24.95 A concealer and light-reflective illuminator in one.

7. Kevin Murphy Fresh.Hair , $26.95 Spray in this refreshing blend of burdock, citrus seed, orange flower and ylang ylang, dry towel and brush out any leftover styling products and odours. It's as if last night never happened…

8. Jane Iredale Eye Defining Pencil , $32 Trace your lower rims with white liner to brighten your peepers, then highlight with the flesh tone to make yourself look wide awake.

9. Ella Baché Elixir d'Eclat (Radiance Elixir) , $80 Enriched with tomato and lupin extracts, this clarifying fluid leaves lacklustre skin with a soft, smooth luminosity.

10. Red Earth All Round Concealer , $26 Keep all last night's indiscretions under wraps with this multi-tasking compact.

11. Hairy Lemon, from $7.50 A sparkling, citrusy supplement of ginseng and guarana plus vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, H and C to zing some spring back into your step.

12. Naturopathica Hangover-eze , $13.95 A liver-loving blend of herbs, vitamins, amino acids and vital minerals to help you cope with dehydration, toxicity, an unstable stomach and headaches.

13. Eyesential , $99 This instant eyelift smoothes lines, bags and furrows and even disguises darkness with a fine, yet firm, film that lightens and tightens the eye area temporarily.

14. Apivita Party Recovery Kit , $25.90 A refreshing rescue pack containing chamomile-infused 3in1 Express Cleansing Tissues, two Everyday Face Scrubs with apricot, two Eye Zone Mask with ginkgo biloba, two Revitalizing Face Masks with orange and one relieving Mask for Tired Feet & Legs.

15. Visine Original (for red eyes), $9 Make them think you've slept like an angel.

16. Jemma Cosmetics Jemmatint , $14.95 Give your flat, lifeless complexion a healthy, rosy-appled glow.

17. MD Formulations Soothing Eye Gels , $20 Activated by body heat, these cooling eye masks release a soothing antioxidant blend of green tea, vitamin E and aloe.

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