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How to Choose Toothpaste

by Martha Adams

Brushing your teeth is a must for everyone every day. When it comes to brushing teeth, it will inevitably involve the choice of toothpaste. Many people only pursue the high price when choosing toothpaste. But expensive toothpaste is not necessarily right. You need to choose the one that suits you. So there are many kinds of toothpaste in supermarkets, how should we choose them?

Choose the right toothpaste according to your personal situation. Don't blindly follow the trend. If one's teeth are yellow, one should choose toothpaste containing silicone. If the buyer's teeth are prone to allergy, he can choose toothpaste containing strontium chloride or potassium nitrate. If the buyer's aim is to prevent tooth decay, he should choose fluoride toothpaste. If buyers want to remove tartar, they can choose toothpaste containing pyrophosphate or zinc citrate.

General population without tooth diseases can choose fluoride toothpaste. Brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste is useful. The risk of dental caries can be reduced by 40%. If you suffer from dental diseases, use toothpaste with therapeutic ingredients. Teenagers and the elderly can choose to use fluoride toothpaste. It can prevent dental diseases. Preschool children had better use special toothpaste for children. This will not affect the healthy development of teeth.

It is better to buy toothpaste with relatively small friction agent particles. It can reduce the damage to personal gums. Toothpaste containing aluminum hydroxide and calcium hydrogen phosphate is the best choice. Toothpaste containing silica takes second place. It is better not to choose toothpaste containing calcium carbonate.

The human oral cavity can secrete saliva with sterilization function. The amount of saliva secreted during the day is 3-4 times that at night. It can inhibit the production of bacteria. People eat more during the day. Food residues are easy to remain in their oral cavity. Food residues can easily lead to tooth diseases. Therefore, toothpaste with good cleaning function and removal of oral foreign bodies and peculiar smell should be selected during the day. When sleeping at night, the salivary glands secrete insufficient saliva. Toothpaste with bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects should be selected. It can prevent dental caries. Two kinds of toothpaste with different efficacy should be purchased for use in different time periods.

IWhen choosing toothpaste, most people will pay more attention to the efficacy of toothpaste. What kind of toothpaste is suitable does not depend on the individual's purchase intention. It is on whether it has effect.

Buyers should choose big brands of toothpaste when choosing toothpaste. Don't choose toothpaste that has never been heard of or has just come on the market. Big brands of toothpaste will have relatively high-quality assurance.

Choosing toothpaste is a problem that everyone will encounter. How to choose the right toothpaste is the key. After reading the above article, I believe consumers already know how to choose toothpaste correctly.

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