How to Choose Shower Gel

by Martha Adams

The quality of shower gel is directly related to the health of human skin. So how to buy a good shower gel? It is suggested that consumers pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing.

1. Fragrance

Shower gel has many kinds of fragrance. There is no restriction on the fragrance type of shower gel. However, consumers must learn to distinguish the fragrance of natural spices from that of artificial spices. This can avoid unnecessary harm to the body. Artificial fragrances and flavors will have obvious pungent taste of chemicals. The aroma of natural spices is relatively natural.

2. Skin Type

Consumers should know their skin type before choosing shower gel.

People's skin can be divided into four types: dry, oily, neutral and sensitive.

Most people have neutral skin. Weak acidic shower gel can be selected for bathing to maintain the water-oil balance of skin.

People with dry skin will feel tight after bathing. In autumn and winter, there will even be dead skin and cracks with a slight scratch. When taking a bath, you should choose shower gel with moisturizing and antipruritic effects to maintain your skin.

Oily skin is easy to form dirt and block pores due to exuberant secretion of sweat and sebum. Therefore, people with oily skin should squeeze bath products with cleaning effect onto the sponge when bathing. Rub out rich foam and use it.

Sensitive skin will become red even if it is only slightly stimulated. Therefore, people with sensitive skin should use less shower gel or use washing and protection products with slow-release ingredients when bathing.

If the skin is allergic due to excessive sun exposure, skin care lotion needs to be applied to protect the skin.

3. Bubbles

Another characteristic of shower gel is its rich and soft foam. Foam will not cause damage to skin, but can effectively remove dirt. Therefore, rich foam is a necessary feature of a good shower gel.

So how to identify whether a shower gel is rich in foam? Consumers can inject 1/3 of the water into a transparent glass with a lid and then drop a drop of shower gel. After covering the lid, shake it hard several times. Finally, observe the richness of foam. A drop of good shower gel can form a very rich foam. General shower gel requires 2-3 drops. Poor shower gel requires 4-5 drops or more to form rich foam.

In addition to observing the richness of bubbles. Also observe the size, color and durability of the foam.

Good shower gel foam is delicate and the color is almost transparent white. Persistence depends on the raw materials of shower gel. The oilier the shower gel is, the better the durability of the foam.

Consumers should choose bath gel suitable for themselves according to their skin quality and needs, instead of blindly pursuing brands and fragrance types.

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