How to Choose a Right Soap

by Martha Adams

Soap is an indispensable washing and care product in daily life. Common types of soap on the market include re-batch soap, floating soap, oily soap, and transparent soap. Different types of soap have different functions and effects. So, when choosing soap, you should consider the nature of your skin and the function of the soap. In addition, it depends on the packaging, appearance, color, fragrance and other factors of the soap brand. Try to choose light-colored soaps that contain less fragrance or pigments and are a bit alkaline. Do not buy inferior soaps that are cracked and limp. Let’s learn about the purchase knowledge of soap!

How to choose the right soap?

1. The Nature of the Skin

Human skin is divided into dry, oily and neutral. Dry skin is not moisturized and needs to use soaps rich in lipid ingredients. It has good effects of keeping skin moisture, increasing skin nutrients, cleansing and moisturizing skin. Oily skin can choose cosmetic soaps. Such soaps can reduce the production of glandular oil and finally achieve the effect of cleansing the skin. Normal skin is the most compatible skin type, so you can choose more soap types.

2. The Right Type

Many types of soaps include skin care and nutrition, medicine and skin care, travel soap and other types.

3. Packaging.

Checking the product packaging and label identification, instructions carefully.

4. Color

The color is pure and not variegated.

5. Appearance.

The contour is clear, the surface is full and round. And it does not shrink or crack after storage.

6. Texture

Firm and delicate texture, smooth and soft to the touch.

7. Smell

There is a specific fragrance, no oily rancidity, or other pungent taste. The outside fragrance is not fragrance inside. And the products with new fragrance and old fragrance are inferior products.

8. Shape

Try to choose smooth and round soaps.

Precautions for Choosing Soaps

1. Facial soap is best to choose light-colored soap with less fragrance or pigment and a bit weaker alkaline. Too much alkaline soap has a tingling sensation on the skin. And it can cause allergic skin diseases.

2. Babies and young children can use baby soap. And you should not use it frequently.

3. The use of medicated soap must be long-term deodorant, broad-spectrum sterilization. And low skin irritation.

4. Because the soap raw materials contain unsaturated fatty acids, they will be oxidized by oxygen, light, microorganisms, etc. And sometimes rancidity occurs. The water in the soap will be lost, affecting its own use effect.

5. You should understand the nature of your skin when using soap to clean your face or bathe.

6. Inferior soap has a rough hand. And the soap has bubbles or rice-like spots. It cannot achieve the effect of cleaning dirt.

7. The body of the soap splits. It means that the salt in the soap has not been drained.

8. Soap body paralysis is caused by too much low-grade unsaturated fatty acid in the soap. And the soap is easy to absorb water and deform.

The above is a brief introduction to the choice of soap. Choosing the right soap can achieve the effect we want.

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