Have You Learned How to Use Makeup Remover Correctly

by Martha Adams

With the current fashion trend, there are few girls who don't like make-up. But when it comes to makeup, it involves the issue of makeup removal. There are always many girls who think that makeup remover is very unusable. Not only the unloading is not complete, but also the skin becomes very bad. This is really a misunderstanding. In addition to the reasons for their own skin. Most of them are due to the improper use of makeup remover. The way to remove makeup is wrong. It will get half the result with twice the effort! So today I will teach you the correct way to use makeup remover. Girls don't miss it!

Many people think that removing makeup is a very easy task. All you need to do is wipe your face! In fact, removing makeup is not easy at all. Not simple but also very important. You know, whether the makeup is removed clean or not will directly affect people's skin health.

How to remove makeup is correct? Choosing the right makeup remover is the key. Only when the makeup is completely removed, can the skin be protected from injury. So, how to remove makeup correctly? How to use makeup remover?


Before starting the makeup remover. The relevant makeup removal products should be fully prepared. These include paper towels, makeup remover, cotton pads and cotton swabs.

Eye Make Up Remover

The eyes are the windows of the soul and the most sensitive and tender part of the skin. Therefore, you must be very careful when removing makeup here. It is recommended to use your index finger to wipe the makeup remover on the eye area. Then slowly make a circle. In addition, you can simply use a cotton pad lightly dipped in makeup remover to apply to the eye area. This process takes about 10 seconds.

Remember not to press the eyelids too hard with your fingers. Just choose a cotton swab moistened with makeup remover to wipe. So as not to hurt the skin. In addition, the location of eyebrows should also remember to unload. Just choosing a cotton swab moistened with makeup remover to wipe.

Finally, you have to remember to remove makeup from the inside out. You need to wipe all the makeup towards the end of the eye as much as possible. Especially when wiping under the eyes. The eyes must be opened and the eyes should be as upward as possible. With this angle, the makeup will be removed very cleanly.

Lip Makeup Remover

When removing makeup, press your lips with a napkin. You need to wipe off the grease from the lipstick on your lips. Next, you need to pour the professional lip makeup remover on the cotton pad. When the lipstick is almost melted, you can start to wipe inward from the corner of your mouth. It is worth noting that you should never rub back and forth. In this way. It is not only easy to hurt the lip skin, but also easy to cause residual makeup.

Facial Makeup Removal

When removing make-up on the face. You only need to dip in an appropriate amount of make-up remover. Then you can choose to wipe it gently with a cotton pad. You can also use the fingertips of your hands to slowly remove makeup in the form of circular massage. If the neck is also applied, it is best to remove makeup from the bottom to the top. This can avoid long neck lines.

In short, now the correct use of makeup remover has been popularized. Have you learned it?

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