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9 Pet Products Our Editors Love for Their Furry Friends

by Martha Adams

April 11 is National Pet Day, and what better way to celebrate the day (and your furry companion) than by spoiling them with something special! But finding that new and exciting thing for your pet isn’t always easy. Need a little inspiration? We polled our staff and rounded up nine editor-approved products our team loves for their pets. Check out our favorite pet products, from delicious treats and fun toys to top-notch grooming supplies and a security camera that lets you toss snacks to your furbaby no matter where you are. And when you’re done, let us know in the comments what you’re treating your fluffy friend to this National Pet Day.

"When we adopted my dog Fenway, we thought it was a miracle that with all the hair he had, he barely shed!" shared entertainment editor Nicoletta. "And then, the warmer weather started, and the rest is history. We wanted a brush that helped get all the loose hairs off his body and could easily dispose of the said hairs, and this pet grooming brush works like a charm! Plus, it’s like a massage to him, and it’s therapeutic for me (SO weirdly satisfying seeing all the hair that accumulates)."

Looking for a cat tree your feline will love? Contributing editor Sally shared that her cat is obsessed with this one from On2 Pets . Great for indoor and outdoor use, this cat tower is made with pressed wood, carpet, and artificial leaves for a natural feel that stokes your cat's innate instinct of hiding within nature. Bonus: It's made in the USA.

Projects editor Megan's mom introduced her to these treats from Top Chews , and they instantly became a family favorite. "Her dog loves them, our dog loves them, my brother's dog loves them — they've been a universal hit. They're perfect because you can easily break them into smaller pieces and they don't get crumbly, so they're easy to stick in your pocket on a walk and a little goes a long way."

Megan also shared that when it comes to treat toys, The Game from Fable Pets takes the cake. "Wally loves treat toys but they're usually so noisy. Back when we lived in NYC the downstairs neighbors called it his 'noisemaker.' Eep! This one is just as fun for him and way quieter."

And when it comes to more traditional toys, Megan's dog Wally is partial to those of the squooshie variety . "This is his favorite toy of all time; even now that he's torn it apart and it's only a sad shell he still carries it around."

A favorite of multiple pet owners on the AT team, Frisco's Hypoallergenic Grooming Wipes are a must for pets that consistently track in dirt from the great outdoors. Perfect for pets with sensitive skin and paws, these wipes use a mild, coconut-derived cleanser and organic aloe vera juice to gently clean your furry friend.

It seems that people aren't the only Bob Ross fans. Commerce editor Amy shared, "I gave this Bob Ross toy to a friend's dog, and he loves it. He carries it around everywhere and doesn't even rip it open. Apparently, dogs love Bob's calming energy just as much as the rest of us do!"

As for me, my favorite pet product for my dog is this shampoo from John Paul Pets . The rich lavender, mint, tea tree, and eucalyptus blend soothes and calms him at bath time — which makes the experience easier for both of us. It also leaves an amazing scent and his fur snuggly soft. I call that a win-win.

I'm also a big fan of the Furbo Dog Camera . With Marty being a pandemic pup, his (and my) separation anxiety has been intense now that I'm not home as much. This camera lets me keep an eye on him, speak to him, and reward him on the days he doesn't tear the place apart.

Sarah M. Vazquez

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