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8 Awesome Ponytails To Get Your Hair Off Your Neck

by Martha Adams

Fendi Fall 2014

This criss-crossed, basket weave pony created by Sam McKnight for the Fendi Fall 2014 show is all business in the front—but a party in the back.

GET THE LOOK: Create a sleek look by applying a bit of smoothing serum to strands. Comb hair down the middle of your scalp, as if you're hiding your part. Then, grab two sections of hair on opposite sides of your head, just above your temples and comb diagonally across. Twist each section halfway down the back of your head and secure with an elastic at the nape of your neck.

Band of Outsiders Fall 2014

Who says ponytails have to be primped and polished to look super chic? This loose tail works just as well for a day of outdoor fun as it does for your 9-to-5 duty.

GET THE LOOK: Start with damp hair and create a deep-side part. (Tip: use the arch of your eyebrow as a guide of where to create the divide.) Sprits your strands with a volumizing texturizing spray such as Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish , $16. Blow dry strands with your fingers, rather than a brush, to create texture. Then gather hair into a low pony, pushing up as you secure it to create volume at the crown. Tousle the tail with a spritz of dry shampoo .

Kate Spade Fall 2014

We’re obsessed with this sky-high, leather- wrapped pony. So genie-meets- 50 Shades , right?

GET THE LOOK: Apply just a drop of smoothing serum to hair, then blow-dry super-straight, using a paddle brush to work through kinks and curls. When dry, run a straightening iron through one-inch sections of hair to eliminate any fussy frizz. Then, gather strands into a ponytail at the top of the crown of your head, brushing upwards to smooth out any bumps; tie with an elastic. Grab a piece of leather (any kind you can find at a craft store will do) and wrap it around the base of the pony. Secure it with a small black safety pin. (Or you can just cover a silver one with a black Sharpie. Just saying.)

Herve Leger Fall 2014

Two words: crazy cool. I mean, right?

GET THE LOOK: New, widely available color-depositing chalks make it super easy to add some funk to your style without any sort of permanence required. Tie hair back into a sleek ponytail at the center of your head, making sure to comb through any lumps or bumps. Flat iron the tail gently for a sleek finish. Then, grab your color chalk of choice (try Urban Outfitters Hair Chalk Rainbow Set , $14) and run it through one one-inch section of hair—or more, if you dare.

Valentino Fall 2014

Channel the 80’s (or your inner Disney Princess) with this sophisticated take on bubble-ponytail created by renowned stylist Guido Palau.

GET THE LOOK: Tie hair into a low pony at the nape of your neck. If your strands are short, try clip-in extensions (Guido went all out with 26-inch ones here, clearly not practical for everyday wear). Twist hair elastics around and down the tail, spacing them about two inches apart—a little bit closer if your hair is on the shorter side. Leave a few inches loose at the ends.

Honor Spring 2014

Metallic flowers add a flirty finish to this soft, ethereal look.

GET THE LOOK: Spritz damp hair with a volumizing spray and blow dry with a round brush, blasting roots, too, in order to create volume. Comb out a side part (imperfection welcome) and pull hair back and tie at the nape of your neck. Gently run your fingers through the hair on the crown of your head, tugging to loosen up strands for a mussed-up effect. Finish with cute, clip-on flowers on one side of your head.

Helmut Lang Spring 2014

This low, loose tail is laid-back and lady-like with a bad girl touch.

GET THE LOOK: Slick hair back with a shine-booster such as L'Oreal Ever-Style Alcohol Free Smooth & Shine Serum , $7. Gather hair, leaving about two inches loose at the ends, and secure with a leather hair wrap (found a few cool ones here ) or grab a piece of leather from your local art store, wrap in around the tail and pin closed with as many safety pins as you need.

Pamella Roland Spring 2014

This Brigitte Bardot-inspired look, created by Ted Gibson, gives the iconic 60’s beehive a mod, sporty twist.

GET THE LOOK: Mist a texturizing spray onto damp hair (salt sprays work, too) and blow dry hair with a round, boar-bristled brush away from the face for max volume. Create a deep, side part; backcomb the hair at the crown to create a subtle bouffant. Tie hair into a low, side pony with a clear elastic, then tuck parted hair behind your ear and hold in place with a bobby pin.

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