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6 Women Priced Out Their Makeup Bags And Realized Just How Much Cosmetics Cost

by Martha Adams

Beauty tutorial-worthy makeup looks aren't easy to come by. They require time, patience, and a heap of products—which can seriously add up price-wise, whether you’re going for drugstore products or more luxury items. Because of this, facing up to how much you've spent on cosmetics can be a fairly daunting task, but it's exactly what BuzzFeed asked a handful of women to do when they challenged them to price out their everyday makeup bags.

Most of the women went in preparing for the worst. They knew that special concealers and deluxe eyeshadow palettes rarely come cheap, but they also assumed there couldn't be that much value crammed into a tiny makeup bag. "I'm really afraid of how much money is hiding in my bag," one offered. "I feel like I'm just going to be upset with myself," another added. One woman even mentioned that she'd just had to buy a bigger makeup bag because her former one couldn't hold all her products—a fact she felt didn't bode well for her in this challenge.

When it came time for the big reveal, some women were shocked by their makeup expenses while others were pleasantly surprised. On the high end, a woman had spent $460.68 on her makeup (this was the woman who just bought a new bag to accommodate her products). And on the low end, someone had only spent $73.25 (in fairness, this woman estimated she'd spend the least of anyone, and she was right). The average among the participants hovered somewhere in the $200 region. Remember these were the values of their everyday makeup bags—not their entire cosmetics collections.

The women mourned the alternate ways they could have spent that money—"a car payment," "half my rent," "three 5-star meals," "three burritos"—prompting one woman to call her life a "human garbage disposal." Oh, the emotional roller coaster of makeup shopping. Beauty—er, cosmetics—don't come cheap That's for sure.

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