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6 Incredibly Easy Ways To Create Natural-Looking Waves

by Martha Adams

Learn to towel-dry correctly.

Get gorgeous waves by making just a slight tweak to your drying process. "Enhance a wave by toweling off until it's about 40 percent dry," says Kevin Hughes, global creative ambassador for Moroccanoil . "Add a wave-enhancing styling product to give the hair some grip; then use a wide tooth comb to distribute the product evenly."

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Bring the beach to you.

The salty air at the ocean is no doubt the best styling aid in terms of giving your hair texture—but thankfully, the hair gods have managed to bottle up the effect. "Incorporate a few spritzes of sea salt spray or dry shampoo from the mid-lengths to the ends to recreate the same airy texture," says Mickey Charles, Cutler Salon hairstylist.

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Twist it off into buns.

No time in the morning for heat styling or playing around with tons of product? Do the work in just minutes the night before. "Split hair into two halves and twist each side into tight, Princess Lea-inspired buns and secure them in place with elastics or bobby pins overnight," says celebrity hairstylist Danny Jeleca. "Once you wake up, release the pins and spritz any limp or flat area with water and massage in, which stimulates the hair follicle to give it a little boost in volume."

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Or braid 'em back.

Braids are the oldest trick in the book for effortless, undone waves, but what matters is exactly the kind of braid you're doing: Go for " French braids , as opposed to regular three-stranded braids, which will help keep your hair lifted at the scalp so there isn't a strange flatness at your roots," says Hughes. "Depending on your hair's thickness, quickly incorporate four to five French braids throughout your hair and leave the last two inches of hair out of each. This helps keep the waves casual," he adds.

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Vary the size of your waves.

Haphazard styling not only saves times, but also usually results in a better look—perfect curls never look chill. "If you're using a curling iron or rod—the key to natural waves is to wrap different sized sections in opposite directions so they're not uniform," says Christine Healey, hairstylist at Rita Hazan Salon .

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Deflate your tight curls.

Got tight curls? No problem: all you have to do is stretch it out for easy-looking waves. "Apply argan oil throughout your hair, gently pulling on the curls with your fingertipst," says Richard Marin, Remington celebrity hairstylist. "A quick hit with a diffuser will further loosen up your curls." Mane perfection.

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