5 (very good) reasons to prime

by Martha Adams

When we set out to do our make-up in the morning, as women we ask of three factors in the result. The first - that we look as flawless as possible, the second – that our flawless face stays in place all day, and the third – that our imperfections stay good and hidden, right?

So, if there was some sort of ‘magical’ beauty step that we could all easily incorporate into our beauty regimes that would help us to achieve these results – one might say we’d be silly not to try it?  Well there is, and it’s not magical, but practical: it’s our best friend, the primer. Imperative in so many ways, it’s hard to know where to start, but perhaps I’ll woo you with five of the best reasons to use a primer everyday…

Reason #1 – Make your make-up stay longer

Is there anything more frustrating than bronzer that ends up halfway down your face by the afternoon? You go to so much effort in the morning to apply your make-up flawlessly and it’s really annoying when it just won’t stay put!  The solution is a primer that sits between your skin and your make-up and acts as a grip-like layer that literally holds your make-up in place.

Reason #2 – Fix skin issues in a flash

Want to mattify oily skin, minimise the appearance of your pores and fix skin discolouration? L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer contains soft powders to help absorb excess sebum to actively reduce shine while also masking enlarged pores and evening out skin tone in one fell swoop. Fixing these imperfections means that your make-up base is one pretty perfect canvas, and your face is more likely to stay looking flawless for longer.

Reason #3 – Look younger, instantly

Many primers have the power to make you look instantly younger because they work by filling in fine lines without ‘caking’,  The smoothing effect of a primer works to make these lines effectively ‘disappear’ and ensures skin looks and feels velvety by masking uneven textures and providing an all-over smoother base.

Reason #4 – Build a better base for your make-up

Like paint on a canvas, make-up requires a clean and even base in order to get the best result. Skin that feels uneven and oily in areas won’t achieve a flawless result for make-up. A primer will ready the skin and provide a cleaner base for make-up to bond to by evening out skin textures, resulting in a perfect, flawless base for foundation so you get the most of out all of your applied make-up.

Reason #5 – Nourish your skin

Most people don’t realise that primers also work to nourish skin, in addition to performing its smoothing tasks. L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer is actually a moisturiser designed to hydrate and protect skin, while it prepares skin for best make-up results.

What is your most crucial beauty step?

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