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5 Signs You Need to Schedule Your Trim ASAP

by Martha Adams

You spend extra time unraveling knots in the shower.

Your hair is trying to tell you something: “Cut me!” Split ends can tangle together to form tiny, single-strand knots that make detangling a lengthy chore.

Your layers never fall quite right.

Your cut looked great six weeks ago, but now you have a cowlick. Hair often grows at different rates all around your head (for example, the section near your crown might be longer than the hair at your nape). Once your layers begin to blend together into one length, it’s time to schedule an appointment with the shears.

Your ends feel like straw.

When your hair feels rough to the touch, it’s in need of serious hydration. A deep conditioning treatment like OGX Hydrate + Repair Creamy Hair Butter ($9) is your first defense against brittle ends. But sometimes you need to snip the dry tips away to help the rest of your hair absorb moisture.

All the strands in your brush (and on the floor) are short.

You can see straight through your ends.

If your style is thick at the roots and nearly nonexistent at the tips, it’s a sign you’ve got irreparable damage. Cutting the fine hair at the ends will help the new growth come in healthy and strong. Schedule an appointment at your salon every six to eight weeks to remove any split ends and prevent future breakage.

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