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5 reasons to avoid the panda

by Martha Adams

Everyone knows you should always remove your make-up before bed. But just like when mum used to tell us to eat our carrots and greens, our inner-rebel often kicks in – well, him or the lazybones that lives inside of us all.

Sometimes we’re just way too tired to take off all that pesky eye make-up and stubborn mascara before bed, especially when our cosy covers are calling for us. But if you think taking your sultry smoky eye to bed is a-okay, have a read of the five beauty disasters it can cause and you may just think twice…

Panda eyes

Even though you may go to bed with a perfectly sultry smoky eye that took you ages to hand-craft, I guarantee you it won’t look nearly as sexy when you wake up in the morning. Most mascaras aren’t designed to last an extended period of time, and after a while they dry up and flake off, which can leave an unsightly track down your face. This can be especially scary if you wake up next to your husband or special someone in the morning.

Stinging eyes

Most of us don’t realise all of the moving we do when we’re asleep. We toss and turn and change positions more than you’d think. We also do things like rub our eyes without even knowing we’re doing it. This simple act can draw product into your eyes and really hurt. More fluid products like liquid liner or cream eyeshadow are even easier to get into your eyes, often with painful results.


Odds are if you’ve left your eye make-up on when turning into bed, you’ve probably left your foundation and face make-up on too – which means that for the next eight to 12 hours, your skin won’t be breathing properly. Your pores will become clogged with product, and as you know, this can cause skin reactions like pimples and blackheads, which nobody wants! A lot of eye make-up around your eyes can also result in blemishes near your peepers too – not cool!

Smudged pillowcase

Whether you’re at home or staying at a friends place, I’m sure no one will appreciate their fresh sheets being stained with two smoky eye prints or foundation. No matter how careful you are, pillowcases always show the signs of a full face of make-up – and long-lasting products like waterproof mascara can stain, so be sure to cleanse thoroughly before hitting the pillow. We love Dove Foaming Make-up Remover because it’s so quick and easy to use and will remove even the most stubborn of make-up.

Risk of infection

Not only is leaving your make-up on harmful for your skin, but make-up that has been on for too long and subjected to pollution in the air can be especially harmful if it ends up in your eyes. The same goes for foundation that can travel up to your eye area and cause infection. If not treated early enough, both can result in serious eye issues.

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What is your biggest beauty sin?

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