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5 Game-Changing Ponytail Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

by Martha Adams

The ponytail is the little black dress of hairstyles. It’s easy to achieve, yet it has serious style and tons of functionality. You can take a simple pony from your favorite boutique fitness class to a night out with the girls. And just when you thought you mastered the ponytail game , we’re here to bring you more life-saving tips and tricks. From fixing a bumpy crown to erasing the post-pony crease, we’ve got hacks to take this style staple to the next level.

The problem: You have fine, straight hair and want to add volume and movement .

The solution: No texture spray? No problem. To add volume sans product, Salon SCK hairstylist Devin Toth suggests you twist and tease hair within the pony. Take small sections and twist them three quarters of the way down the pony with one hand. With the other, push the twisted pieces up towards the band for slight backcombing affect. Tighten around the base for added lift.

The problem: You have thick hair and find it hard to keep the front of your style smooth and bump-free.

The solution: “Start an inch above your ear and section off everything above it,” suggests Toth. Focus on the bottom half first and pull into a tight pony either at the nape of your neck or the mid-section. Then turn your attention to the top half, smoothing it down.

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The problem: You don’t have time to style your hair in the morning before rushing to work.

The solution: New York City hairstylist Raquel Martusculli recommends dividing a damp pony in two sections. Wind each of the sections on their own, then twist them around one another. Wrap into a bun and pin to secure. “The next morning you will have a sexy, tousled, wavy texture.”

The problem: You wear a ponytail almost every day and the hair surrounding your face is starting to snap .

The solution: It’s when strands stretch too tight that the hair breaks. So to keep from stretching too far, Toth recommends you backcomb any face framing pieces before you pull it up. Since they’re styled looser you can’t pull them to the breaking point. This technique also gives your ponytail a more lived-in vibe .

The problem: You can never get your elastic tight enough and want more control.

The solution: Hairstylists recommend bungee elastics for multiple looks. To get a bump-free pony, celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Colombini , explains that it “ensures you keep your tension without having to weave the ponytail through a standard hair tie.”

“When wrapping, keep the hook on the side of bungee closes to the head," explains Colombini. “Then, interlock hooks with each other.” They’re also great to have on hand if you wanted to take your daytime ponytail to a date-night updo.

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