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5 bridal freak outs

by Martha Adams

Weddings and freak outs go hand in hand. There is a lot of pressure and build-up put on the shoulders of this one day and it’s only natural for the bride (and I’m sure groom too!) to worry about one, or 10, things.

As bridal season is just around the corner, and with a new sparkling ring taking up residency on my left hand, it’s the perfect time to ask, what do brides freak out about before the big day?

Freak out #1 – Being photographed

Your wedding day would be right up there with one of the most photographed days of your life, so having a make-up look that translates through the lens is vital! It was also what bh’s Rosie was most worried about. "Having never had my make-up done professionally before, I was beyond apprehensive about letting someone do my make-up on the most important – and most photographed! – day of my life,” says Rosie.

“The lip colour I chose was an absolute winner on the day – Nars Satin Lipstick in Rosecliff. It's a soft nude/pink hue that perfectly defined my lips in photographs."

It’s also important to remember that flash photography is quite intense and some make-up with SPF can cause a white-cast to show up in the pictures. To avoid looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost, try using products with SPF 15 or lower.

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Freak out #2 – Getting a cold sore

Cold sores are notorious at popping their ugly heads up when it’s least convenient, and a wedding day would take the cake. bh’s Astrid was also crossing her fingers one wouldn’t pop up.

“I am so susceptible to cold sores when I've been out in the sun, and since I got married while on a Euro summer holiday, I really put myself in the danger zone! Knowing how prone I am to them though, I packed a ton of ViraproX Lip Balm and COMPEED® Invisible Cold Sore Patches into my suitcase and took a daily dose of Lysine to keep any inkling of one far, far away from my pucker,” says Astrid.

But if one of those suckers does spring up, we have you covered. Apply concealer to the area (work in layers if you need to) and then set with a matte, pressed powder. Opt for a lipstick with a longwearing formula that won’t slip and move throughout the day.

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Freak out #3 – Not loving the finished look

There are so many variables that come into play with bridal make-up: Too much, not enough, and ultimately not loving the look you end up with. For bh’s Sarah this was one of her major concerns and unfortunately it became a reality. “To be honest I didn't really like my make-up on the day,” says Sarah.

But don’t panic straight away, because even if your make-up look isn’t what you were originally after, it can be fixed! “In the end I added a bit more colour to my cheeks, darker eyeliner and added my own lipstick,” Sarah continues.

Keeping an emergency make-up stash on hand just in case you need to do a few tweaks is the way to go. Think along the lines of make-up eraser sticks to remove mistakes, individual false eyelashes for adding more drama, and a refreshing setting spray for when things are looking too heavy.

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Freak out #4 – Too many options

Deciding what feature element you want your make-up look to have is a tough choice. With so many options available, narrowing it down can be tough and bh’s Michelle felt the pressure of the decision! “My big wedding day make-up issue was whether to go for a strong lip or not. I love the dramatic look and it suited my dress, but I was stuck weighing it up against a smoky eye and natural lip,” says Michelle.

“In the end the lower-maintenance nude lip ( M.A.C Cremesheen Glass in Deelight) won out. It was a good decision as I went hours without checking or touching up my make-up on the day and it wasn't an issue.”

Whether you opt for a dark or neutral lip, go for something that is comfortable and isn’t too drying on the lips – the last thing you want to be worrying about is high-maintenance make-up.

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Freak out #5 – Breaking out

bh’s Alicia went into panic mode when she starting breaking out two weeks before her big day. “I had a complete breakout of pimples all around my chin and above my lip which never happens to me,” says Alicia.

“I went back to my old trusty QV Face Gentle Foaming Cleanser and also Dr. LeWinn's Multi-Moisture Multi-Use Balm to hydrate my skin once the pimples had dried up. Lucky for me they cleared up the day before my big day and my make-up was perfect.”

Thank goodness for make-up though, so if a pimple does rear its head, try using a tinted treatment to help it on its way.

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What did you freak out about on your wedding day? What do you think you would worry about when it comes to your make-up look?

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