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5 Awesome (and Affordable) Beauty Brands New To Target In 2016

by Martha Adams

Cruising down the Target beauty aisle recently, you might have discovered a few new names in beauty. Lately, Target has made it an initiative to bring indie beauty products to its customers at an affordable price. In 2016, four new skin and body care brands are coming to the Tar-jay floor (three of which are exclusives). Plus, the brand just launched its first in-house nail polish line. Oh, and did we mention everything ahead is under $10 (score!)? Shop everything at Target stores and Target.com now.

Defy & Inspire is Target’s first in-house beauty brand.

This January, Target launched its first private label, in-house product: a nail polish line called Defy & Inspire . The collection includes 38 colors, a topcoat, and a clear base (and that’s just the inaugural collection). Browsing the beauty aisle you’ll chuckle at the lacquer names, which are inspired by reality TV hits like The Bachelor and The Real Housewives . We like Laguna Beach (a pale periwinkle) and Toddlers and Tiaras (a pink nude). Each bottle is $7.

Marlowe. is a unisex brand that the dude in your life will definitely steal.

Marlowe . is a line for people who share products in the shower. The line of body lotions ranges from a liquidy, lightweight formula to an ultra thick butter. The scents are appealing to both sexes with notes like white musk, black pepper, and bergamot. Target also carries the Marlowe Men’s collection, which includes shave products and bar soap. Everything is priced below $10.

C. Booth is an old beauty favorite remixed with modern colors.

C. Booth has been available at other locations for some time. But to celebrate the Target launch in 2016, the brand has rolled out new packaging. Old favorites like the Coconut Fig Body Lotion and the Egyptian Argan Oil Body Butter have gotten neon makeovers. Plus, new products are launching in the line including a Charcoal Foaming Dry Body Polish & Cleanser (it’s like a mud mask and body scrub combined). All the offerings retail for under $10.

Mayfair Soap Foundry is a body-centric beauty brand with British influence.

If you’re the type of woman who lounges in a bubble bath once a week, you’ll love Mayfair Soap Foundry . It’s the more luxe option of Target’s new beauty lines. The collection is inspired by classic British apothecaries, but the scents are super modern. You can get the sugar scrub, bath salts, body soufflé, body creme, and hand cream in two different fragrances—grapefruit bergamot and sea lily jasmine. Each item costs $9. And with each purchase, a donation is made to the Starlight Children's Foundation.

You Are Amazing is the feel-good soap that also gives back to the community.

First of all, just looking at the You Are Amazing bottles will give you an instant confidence boost. The bright packaging will attract your eye, and the slogan will make you smile. The extensive product list includes body lotion, body wash, body mist, and a scrub/wash combo. Plus, everything comes in multiple scent options. You can pick from coconut water, juicy grapefruit, vanilla bean, or eucalyptus mint. The best part about this line—besides the $4 price tag—is that every purchase gives back to Girl Up , a leadership initiative for teen girls sponsored by the United Nations.

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