4 Products You Need To Refresh Your Bangs After A Seriously Sweaty Workout

by Martha Adams

Styling your bangs post-gym doesn’t have to feel like another arm rep. The trick is to start before you sweat: Combine your fringe and a one-inch section of longer hair behind it, twist it back, and work it into a topknot. “That keeps bangs in place without creating the severe dent that a tight headband might,” says New York City hairstylist Joseph Maine of Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon .

After your sweat session, assess the perspiration situation. If you went full out in HIIT , wash with a gentle shampoo. (In a pinch, Maine recommends spot-washing—you can even use a sensitive-skin cleanser, like Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash , $5.) Not too drenched? Apply a hair primer and style with a round brush and dryer. For minimal sweat, just use dry shampoo at the roots. Now your bangs, and bod, are in top shape.

Shop the essential players to take your bang game to a whole new level below.

Rinse sweat-soaked bangs with a gentle shampoo.

It’s made with hydrating coconut juice, so it won’t damage hair with everyday use. Score!

Try: Honest Beauty Beyond Hydrated Shampoo, $18; honestbeauty.com

Prep your bangs with a primer before adding heat.

Sweaty hair is frizz-prone; smooth things over with a nongreasy oil.

Try: Paul Mitchell Marula Oil Rare Oil Style Extending Primer, $30; paulmitchell.com for salons

Then, blow-dry using a round brush.

The copper base transfers heat evenly for a speedy dry.

Try: Conair The Quick Blow Dry round brush, $13; target.com

In a hurry? Soak up sweat with a dry shampoo.

Go for a clear spray and a fresh scent­, plus pearl extract for extra shine.

Try: Nexxus New York Salon Care Dry Shampoo Refreshing Mist, $12; walmart.com

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