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4 Gorgeous Hairstyles That Will Take You From Barre To The Bar

by Martha Adams

This article originally appeared in the September 2016 issue of SELF.

It’s tough to find a hairstyle that can stand up to sweat. Cardio can leave your strands sweat-stricken and limp, while yoga causes a head full of flyaways. And if you’re squeezing in a workout before the office or happy hour, you’ll need to get ready in a hurry. That’s why SELF has created four styles that will hold up through your burpees and on to brunch—or whatever else life may bring.

Hard-Core Plaits

Black top, Solow, $73; SolowStyle.com. Red top, $26; AmericanApparel.net. Earrings, Hirotaka, $350; Hiro-taka.com. Watch, $39; 1Face.com.

An intense routine calls for tight French braids. Start at your center part and add strands in, staying close to the hairline to keep the look modern. Finish the plaits and secure with elastics.

Pumped-Up Pony

Top, Tim Coppens, $295; Barneys.com. Earrings, Barragán, $150; Ytinifninfinity.com. Ear buds, $25; HappyPlugs.com.

Let down your braids and be ready in a flash. Apply Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hydromist Blow-Out Spray , $20, at the roots and hit them with a dryer for some lift. Then embrace that postplait texture with a big-bodied pony.

Rope Climber

Top, Proenza Schouler, $340; 212-420-7300. Goggles, Speedo, $22; SpeedoUSA.com.

An asymmetrical part makes pigtails cool, not childish. Create rope braids by dividing each tail into two sections. Twist each clockwise, then wrap them around each other counterclockwise. Done!

Major Knot

Jacket, $315; GoldenGooseDeluxeBrand.com. Earrings, $740; CharlotteChesnais.com.

A barre-inspired style is a speedy go-to­. Undo the pigtails, but keep the deep part up front. Add Garnier Fructis De-constructed Texture Tease spray , $4, for a windblown finish, then gather in a low, loose bun.

Styled by Michaela Dosamantes. Hair, Hiro + Mari for Oribe; makeup, Christian McCulloch for Dolce & Gabbana Beauty; manicure, Yuko Wada for Dior Vernis; model, Stina at Women.

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