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3 ways to wow!

by Martha Adams

Rosy cheeks

To fake a fresh glow, use these simple steps: Even out skin tone. Start with a thin layer of liquid foundation, then dust on one coat of translucent powder. "Products applied after powder have greater staying power," says Carmindy, a makeup artist in NYC. Find your perfect match. "Cream and gel blushes blend into skin rather than sit on top like powder can," says Mally Roncal, a makeup artist in NYC. Choose your formula by skin type (creams for dry, gel for oily), then look for a shade that replicates the color of your cheeks after a good workout. (Highlight fair skin with bubblegum pink or mauve hues; peach and terra-cotta tones emphasize medium skin; burgundies and browns add oomph to dark complexions.) Get a natural-looking glow. Using a small foundation brush, dab the flat part of the bristles slightly past the apple of cheeks, then diffuse edges outward. "Blending the shape really well creates a barely there flush," Roncal says.

Bold lips

Make your mark with a high-impact look. Smooth the surface. Prep lips by buffing away dry flakes with a wet washcloth and a pinch of sugar, then pat dry. Skip lip balm, which can cause pigment to bleed into lines around the mouth. Choose your color. Corals, oranges and classic reds are easier to wear than you think, says Jake Bailey, the celebrity makeup artist for Max Factor in Los Angeles. If you're fair, try a pinky coral. Olive complexions look best with peach hues. Enhance dark skin tones with an orange-based coral. Apply like a pro. For a sheerer, modern effect, run your index finger directly across the lipstick's slant, and place color over the entire top lip. Repeat on the bottom, then rub lips together to blend, recommends Brian Duprey, a makeup artist in NYC and cofounder of Duprey Cosmetics. For a more dramatic result, use a lip brush: Keep your mouth closed and paint on color. Smile to cover every nook and cranny, then blot with a tissue, says Sarah Lucero, a makeup artist in Los Angeles for Stila.

Colorful, smoky eyes

Skeptical that brights are right for you? Rest assured. They'll win you over once you see how they wake up your eyes. Single out a shadow. Pick one hue and stick with it, Lucero says. "Blending various shades together can end up looking muddy," she says. (Try spring-inspired blues or greens. Stay sheer for pale skin; darker types can go deeper.) Start by brushing on shadow at the lash line, then fade color slightly upward to crease. Create definition. Dot eyeliner that's a shade or two darker than your shadow along the upper lash line, then smudge color with a Q-tip to soften, Roncal suggests. "Black looks too harsh," she says. Lucero also recommends turning shadow into liner: "Dip the brush in water then shadow to intensify the color and help it glide on." Maximize lashes. Use an eyelash curler to gently squeeze bare lashes (count to three; release), then add a few coats of volumizing mascara. "The vibrant shadow is an ideal contrast to bring out your lashes," Surratt says.

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