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3 unexpected beauty products to keep in the fridge

by Martha Adams

We store most of our beauty products in our bathroom cabinets as this is simply the most convenient place for them to live. But did you know that some cosmetics actually work better and last longer when they’re kept in the fridge? Well we’ve discovered three beauty products that we never even thought to put in the fridge...

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You know that discontinued lipstick shade that you bought in bulk so you’d never run out? Unfortunately, if you’re not using lipstick frequently, exposure to heat can cause chemical in the formula to break down which can change the shade of the lipstick. To prevent this you can keep the lipsticks that you haven’t used yet or only use occasionally, in the fridge. This will help them to maintain their shape and colour.

Nail polish

When nail polish is exposed to heat and sunlight for long periods of time, the formula can thicken and sometimes even the shade can morph into something that’s completely different to the one you initially purchased. To keep your nail polish in good condition for longer, try storing it in the fridge to protect the formula and ensure it lasts.

Lip and eye pencils

You don’t want to keep your lip or eye pencils in the fridge for long periods of time, but putting them in the fridge for a few minutes before you sharpen the product will harden the formula. This means your pencil will have an extra sharp tip, so your liner will be extra slick.

Do you store any of your beauty products in the fridge?

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