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3 Simple Ways to Remove Pesky Glitter Nail Polish

by Martha Adams

The ball has dropped, the houseguests are gone, the leftovers have been devoured, but still there's one ghost of holidays past: your glitter nail polish. It's almost as hard to remove as gel, and yet, you don't really have the option of returning to the salon for removal once you finally surrender. Instead of veering away from it altogether this New Year's Eve, follow one of these simple solutions to remove glitter without the hassle!

Peel It Off:

Not only does the OPI Glitter Off Peel-able Base Coat ($9) address a common bad habit (peeling off your polish will damage your nail beds), but it makes glitter removal seamless. Apply the base coat before the sparkly polish and then peel off days later like you normally would. No acetone required.

Let It Sit:

This trick also works for gel. Apply nail polish remover to a cotton swab, place it on the bed of the nail and set it in place by wrapping with aluminum foil (you can also use a tiny hair tie). After 10 minutes, sweep the polish off with the cotton swab.

Use a Lazy Girl Kit:

Similar to the previous trick, the Julep Party's Over Glitter Nail Polish Removal Kit ($28) removes polish by soaking the nails in acetone. The major difference is there are finger caps to hold the remover pads in place so you can use your digits during removal … well, at least enough to change the channel.


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