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3 Healthy Hair Tips For Women Who Style In The Locker Room

by Martha Adams

This article originally appeared in the July/August 2016 issue of SELF.

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Need to style your hair in a hurry? These tips will help you get soft and shiny hair—even in the gym locker room. Not only will your strands look great after that long cardio session, but all the product recommendations ahead will help you get a stronger head of hair in the long run. Whether you decide to use the communal blowdryer or prefer to air-dry, these styling tricks are easy to pull off when time (and space) is short.

Use a hydrating conditioner to cleanse hair.

Cleanse and condition strategically for healthier hair, says New York City–based stylist Tyler Laswell, who's a fan of the conditioner-first Tresemmé Beauty-Full Volume system ($5). Sporty girls should shampoo three times a week (max!) to retain the scalp's natural oils; even then, use a gentle option like Five Wits Moisturizing Shampoo ($6). "Between shampoos, just use a hydrating conditioner," Laswell says. Try Davines Your Hair Assistant Prep Rich Balm ($38) to combat dryness and dullness.

Disguise split ends and tame frizz with a serum.

Fortify brittle strands with hair-healing proteins and minerals, as found in Paul Mitchell Super Strong Liquid Treatment ($27). Then focus on the endgame: "Split ends are a giveaway that you have weak hair," Laswell says. Seal them with a heat-activated cream such as GHD Advanced Split End Therapy ($35), which binds ends together and smooths for up to 10 washes­. Need a fast fix? A lightweight, frizz-fighting repair serum like Rita Hazan Split End Remedy ($30) can be used on wet or dry hair.

Section hair and use a heat-protectant cream to speed up drying time.

Speed up your styling with time-saving techniques. Work a blow-dry cream through hair with your fingers, says Laswell, and dry in three sections, front to back. Then keep touch-ups quick with Kérastase L'incroyable Blowdry ($40), a heat-protecting lotion that keeps strands malleable for days—so you can reshape your hair into new styles without adding more product. Or, if you prefer to air-dry, a detangling spray such as R+Co Pinstripe ($22) will lock in moisture while amplifying shine. Spritz it on, create a topknot, and go.

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