3 Hair Makeovers Worth Trying

by Martha Adams

"I am finishing my last semester of college and need to look more professional. Now I have the confidence to conquer the work world." —Angela Wu

YOUR TURN Refine your current cut instantly with fringe. "Opt for a sideswept style," says Jasmine, a stylist at the Oscar Blandi Salon in New York City. "It's sophisticated but easier to maintain than a blunt cut, which requires semimonthly trims." One caveat: Ban bangs if you have curls, or you'll risk looking more poodle than professional.

"They say blondes have more fun, but I'm having a total blast as a redhead!" —Holly Dawsey

YOUR TURN Skip boxed color, and hit the salon. A pro will know which shade of red (there's a wide spectrum) is best for your skin tone. Before your appointment, condition with a hair mask to hydrate dry hair so color absorbs evenly, says Christopher Cilione, a colorist at Oscar Blandi. Plan on monthly touch-ups, as red fades the fastest.

"Adding extensions to my pixie gave me a newfound sexiness . My hubby is a fan." —Kristen Saladino

YOUR TURN The process is pricey—we're talking from $200 to $1,200—but can last up to six months, Jasmine says. Ready to make like Rapunzel? Choose a salon that uses cold-fusion bonding, which attaches hair with protein bonds rather than damaging glue. Be prepared to stop in to reattach loose strands about every six weeks.

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