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10 of the best: chocolate treats - page 3

by Martha Adams

Don’t you wish we could just enjoy all of the indulgent goodness of Easter, without the chronic calorie counting? We wouldn’t have to be so frightened of the Easter Bunny if we had a way to indulge our sweet tooth without packing on the calories (and scaring the daylights out of our skinny jeans!)

Well beauties, sink your teeth into these chocolaty beauty buys to ensure you get your fix and aren’t left with painful, sweet-toothed withdrawals this Easter…

Lush Double choc tinted lip balm

“Lush is one of my favourite brands because of how natural and organic the products are! This lip balm is a very luxurious little beauty balm in a small silver tin and it is really, really moisturising whilst protecting my lips :)! I also love how its slightly tinted giving my lips a slight glow and it smells wonderful and totally edible!” Rating: 5/5 – Beautyme123

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