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10 Beach-to-Bar Hair Looks

by Martha Adams

Sleek Chic

Revive sun-parched strands by rocking Karolina Kurkova's slicked-back style. Start by brushing hair away from your face so it lays smooth against your scalp. Then generously pump a replenishing hair oil into hands and slick from roots to ends. Tie your 'do into a low pony, twist the tail and wrap it around itself. Secure with a Spin Pin , slip on a slinky dress and head out!

Wrapped-Up Wisps

Let's be real: salty beach hair does not result in smooth, shiny braids. Fake Milla Jovovich's perfect plait by parting hair in the middle and pulling it into a tight braid at the nape of your neck. Tie it off with a baby elastic. Loosen the look by pulling the braid apart slightly, securing it into a bun, then rubbing your scalp with your fingers. The cherry on top? A braided faux-hair band in a matching shade.

Fun Bun

Want to know how to be as effortlessly sexy as Marion Cotillard? Two words: Sock bun. Snip a sock at the toes and roll it over itself until you have a donut. Then, pull hair into a pony at your crown, hold it straight up and slip the ends through the donut's hole. Roll hair outwards around the sock until you reach your scalp and pin the bun in place with two or three u-shaped hair pins (or leave it loose if your hair is coarse). Voilà!

Teased Twist

Work that salty volume by snagging model Jessica Hart's chic chignon. Part hair to one side, then back-comb each section on either side of the split. Spritz a boar-bristle brush with a humidity-blocking hairspray , then brush the top layer of hair down and back. Gather hair in a pony at the nape of your neck, loop it around itself, and secure with pins.

Perfect Pouf

Fight off floppy hat-head pre-happy hour by rocking Alyssa Milano's badass pompadour. Using a comb, separate a triangle of hair that starts at the arch of both eyebrows and comes to a point at your crown. Back-comb the section, then smooth the top layer and gather strands like you're making a half pony. Twist the base of your tail against your scalp, push it up to add volume, then clip it into place with a small alligator clip . Pull the rest of your hair into a low pony. Now, go play kissy face with handsome strangers.

Power Plaits

Ditch post-fun-in-the-sun frizz with Naya Rivera's scalp-hugging braids. Split top-half strands into three even sections, then move the two sides out of the way. French braid the middle section, starting as close as your forehead as possible and working toward your crown (Too slippery? Rub a little Jonathan Silky Dirt Shine & Define Crème , $16, between fingers first.) Tie with a mini-elastic, then repeat on either side. Let ends fall loose, then go hang with your girls.

Loosen Up

Can't convince Olivia Palermo to be your on-call stylist? Copy her crazy shiny braid instead. Work a shine cream through dry hair and part on the right side. Split hair into three sections behind your left ear, then secure the back two into a pony, leaving out the front piece. Very loosely braid all three sections, secure with a hair-colored band and pull apart the braid so it's carefree, but not careless.

Sea Hair

You worked all winter to get a butt like model Ana Beatriz Barros's. Her mermaid babe 'do? Piece of cake. A couple hours before you leave the beach, wet hair in the ocean, then part strands in the middle with a wide-toothed comb. Once hair is damp, mist with a texturizing spray , and wrap a tight bun at the back of your head. When strands are dry (usually a few hours), unravel and go!

Sexy Sweep

If your hair is straight, keep it out of your face with this Kylie Minogue-inspired style. Separate the section of hair between your right temple and right ear, smooth it against your head, then criss-cross bobby pins to secure it in place. Repeat on the other side. Finish off by rubbing a squeeze of styling cream between hands, then rake the loose hair toward the back of your head and over the pins.

Not-So-Tame Twist

Like Melanie Laurent's look? When hair is wet, spray all over with a curl activator . Once it's dry, comb a part slightly off center on the right, then separate the first two inches of hair along your hairline between your part and left temple. Twist it loosely backward, then clip it at your crown and go!

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